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Now helping you with Australian Graphical Interface to AERMOD. It is now the regulatory air dispersion model of EPA, Victoria, Australia. Other states also accept it.

pDs (Your air model support group) is a small business with low overhead costs providing cost-effective high-quality services.

Well-qualified and experienced Meteorologists, Mathematical Modelers, Statisticians, Geologists, and IT Professionals are available through us to help you.

Our Services
  • We provide input meteorological data files for air quality models such as AERMOD

  • We help you with air quality modelling

  • We review your air model works

  • We provide training in Air Models like

    • AERMOD



    • TAPM

  • We help you with pDsAUSMOD-Australian GUI for AERMOD to transit to AERMOD.

Upcoming Training

AERMOD ready metfiles are now available from us. We do it right first time following correct guidelines.