AERMOD is a new generation dispersion model. State of the art air modeling concepts;air dispersion based on planetary boundary layer turbulence structure and scaling concepts,including treatment of both surface and elevated sources were included in AERMOD.


AERMOD is enjoying its regulatory status since 2006. Many european countries as well as Canada extensively use AERMOD for regulatory purposes.


It  became the regulatory air dispersion model of EPA, Victoria(EPA,VIC)  since 1 Jan  2014. Previous regulatory model;AUSPLUME looses its regulatory status with this implementation. AUSPLUME sales and supports end by December 2014.

It is the right time to transit to AERMOD.

We, pDs consultancy developed very user friendly graphical user interface named pDsAUSMOD to help you transitioning to AERMOD from AUSPLUME. We assured to keep the design concept very similar to AUSPLUME helping you to adopt it without much trouble. Try our evaluation version to see what does it mean.

AERMOD Training