pDs Utility Software

pDsAUSMOD Pro version comprises 3 utility software; pDsMAP, pDsWindRoses and pDsPOST.


pDsMAP basically helps you find UTM coordinates for your sources, discrete receptors/site boundaries, building corners etc. In addition you can design a nested grid (high resolution), covering specific area (sensitive residential areas). Furthermore it will help you exclude some specific receptors such as receptors inside the site boundary.


pDsWindRoses helps you analyse the metfiles you used for your modelling. This is not limited to AERMOD type metfiles. You can load AUSPLUME type metfiles, TAPM generated data files as well as data extracted from CALMET runs.


pDsPOST helps you analyse AERMOD output (all calculation file for post processing). This was specifically develop meeting Australian requirements. You can produce long term averages such as 7 day and 90 day etc, as well as percentiles (99.9, 99.5, 99 etc..).It is capable of converting your 1 hour average data (writes as .PLT by AERMOD) into short term average data (eg. 1 second, 3 minute, 10 minute etc.).Furthermore it will help you overlay your contour plots on google maps (as background). This has been automated.