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A brand new Two-Day Technical training program suitable for Australian modellers(not limited) is available for AERMOD.


AERMOD-Technical Training: Two Day computer lab. Now on-line.

This two-day technical training course helps you understand the new generation dispersion model-AERMOD. It helps AUSPLUME users to transit smoothly from AUSPLUME to AERMOD.


Working one per computer, you use the pDsAUSMOD modeling suite which is capable of running AERMOD and create AUSPLUME configurations.

Carefully designed  modelling exercises/case studies help you gain practical experience in processing local meteorological data, surface characteristics and topography, various source inputs to the model, running and analysing the model output, and postprocessing
results to visualise and document predicted impacts.

This course is ideally suited to air modellers who have dispersion modeling experience using AUSPLUME but not limited to them, new users are also welcome.


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