You can download a .zip file which contains pDsAUSMOD Pro following the download link or clicking Download pDsAUSMOD in the right-hand side column.


Unzip it to a folder and run/execute either setup.exe  or deployment.msi to install pDsAUSMOD in your C: drive C:\pDs. Then contact us (  to get a registration code to activate the software. If you like to have the free trial version just mention it in the email.


Use MySample metfiles (.sfc +.pfl) for your trial that are available in the “samples” folder. Note that trial version has got limitations.


You can buy full version paying for it via PayPal (follow the link below). You get utility programs such as pDsWindRoses and pDsPOST with the purchase of pDsAUSMOD.

Download pDsAUSMOD