We can arrange customised AUSPLUME training for you or your colleagues. Our training programs are tailored to your specific requirements.

Four modules are available:

  • Basic: One day course for beginners

  • Intermediate: Two-day course with some theory and real world applications (Recommended for practicing consultants, new or experienced)

  • Advanced: Three-day course with full theory, specific problems and real world applications within air policy

  • Project-based customised training: We help you through your own project(s) while providing training. A novel way of learning.

Click to view/download course outline.

We can send a qualified and experienced professional instructor to your premises to train you or your staff. Please contact us via email if you wish to further discuss your training requirements. Watch this space to learn more about any upcoming group training programs running in Australian capital cities.


We discontinue this training soon as AERMOD is now replacing AUSPLUME.