Australian GUI for AERMOD


pDsAUSMOD is an Australian user interface for AERMOD-US EPA regulatory air dispersion model, designed to be in line with the widely used model, AUSPLUME in Australasia. It helps you run both the AUSPLUME  and the AERMOD , the US EPA /VIC EPA regulatory model. pDs Consultancy has developed this interface for you, equipping you with the tools required during the model transition phase and beyond. Ultimately, AERMOD has replaced AUSPLUME as Victoria’s regulatory air model since Jan 2014, with other states and territories to follow.


This development work is a collective effort of air model gurus and experienced Australian air modelers. This collaboration guarantees that we’re able to make an interface which is both comprehensive and user-friendly.


Our goal with this product is to help Australasian modelers to successfully meet the challenges involved in transitioning from one model to another. The design mantra for AUSMOD (AERMOD GUI) is to make it as user-friendly as possible while following the familiar time-tested approach of AUSPLUME.


We invite you to attend our one-day AERMOD introductory course or two-day technical course to learn more about pDsAUSMOD. You’ll have the chance to be among the first air modelers to gain hands-on experience with the new generation model, AERMOD. We’re confident that you will be impressed by how easy it is to use and just how similar it is to the AUSPLUME interface, which you no doubt know very well.


Please send your expression of interest for the AERMOD introductory/technical courses or any queries to


pDsAUSMOD Version 7 with the  AERMOD (Version 18081) is now available. Introductory price is A$1200.00 (Free updates with enhancements for the coming 12 months).


We appreciate your continued support and look forward to showcasing the various features of pDsAUSMOD.


Attendees of our two-day technical course will get the software free for the limited time.


If you wish to download our trial version of AUSMOD, please follow the link .


pDsAUSMOD with the latest version of AERMOD is also available to purchase. It comes with very handy utility programs, pDsMAP, pDsPOST and pDsWindRoses.

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