CALPUFF Training




CALPUFF is a fairly complex modelling system which includes several components: – a meteorological module, a puff modeling module and pre and post processing modules.

A fairly good knowledge of mesoscale meteorology with a strong understanding of dispersion theory is required to fully understand this complex modelling system.

CALPUFF-Light Training is designed for practicing air quality consultants.

It is a three day onsite training package where we focus on the essentials, with hands-on exercises to build your confidence in using this modelling system.

  • Day 1: Preparing input files for the meteorological module, CALMET and TAPM path. Examples will be used to illustrate the process

  • Day 2: Setting up and running CALMET and CALPUFF. The importance of critical inputs will be discussed in detail

  • Day 3: Discussion on post processors with some case studies

We can send a qualified and experienced scientist to your premises to train you and your colleagues.

Feel free to drop us an email to discuss your interest or to get a quote.