pDsAUSMOD GUI Validation



pDsAUSMOD – Australian GUI for AERMOD has been formally validated by an experienced air modeller Dr. Piya Dewundege (Ex-EPA,Victoria, Senior modeller).


A report was produced for EPA, Victoria and submitted to Principal Expert-Air Quality


pDs Consultancy, Australia


Validation was undertaken by


Dr. Piya Dewundege PhD(Meteorology)

Ex-EPA,Vic Senior Air Modeller


pDsAUSMOD is a Graphical User interface for the US EPA’s AERMOD, which is now EPA, Victoria’s regulatory air Dispersion model. This software package was developed in Australia, fulfilling air modelling requirements in Schedule C of the State Environment Protection Policy – Air Quality Management (SEPP(AQM)), as well as the specific requirements outlined in EPA, Victoria’s publication #1551- Guidance Notes for using the regulatory air pollution model AERMOD in Victoria.

It has been validated following the validation process with 10 criteria, and this has been outlined in this document (Pages 5 and 6). This exercise comfortably verified that pDsAUSMOD satisfies all 10 criteria in the validation process. Five cases that cover/demonstrate all required performances were tested and results were documented.


pDsAUSMOD is recommended for use in running AERMOD (currently Version 12345). pDs Consultancy, the developer of pDsAUSMOD assure its currency by upgrading its kernels and will also continually improve and enhance its functionalities.