We compile AUSPLUME type input meteorological data files strictly following EPA,Victoria’s guidelines. This methodology is widely accepted, all regulatory bodies (all state EPAs and overseas agencies) accept this methodology.

Sourcing of mandatory raw data is done following the recommended hierarchy by EPA,Victoria

  1. State EPA’s hourly averaged mandatory data (Winds, Temperature and Sigmatheta)

  2. Industry sites’ mandatory data

  3. Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) 1minute/10minute/1 hour average data

  4. Model generated data (TAPM,CALMET,MM5,WRF)

BoM’s supplementary data such as Pressure, Dew point Temperature, Cloud Cover as well as Vertical Temperature and Moisture profiles are used with above mandatory data to compile 100% AUSPLUME V6 compatible metfiles.

Locations supplimentarywhere there are no real observed data we use model generated mandatory data with BoM’s off-site  data to compile metfiles.

CSIRO’s The Air Pollution Model (TAPM, Hurley, 2005) is the most frequently used model for this purpose.

We can help you to compile input meteorological data files running TAPM V4

  • in 5 nested grids, inner most grid with 300m resolution for most cases

  • with high resolution topography (9 second DEM)

  • modifying vegetation and soil type to match with  areas/locations in question.

We recommend using (pDs Hybrid option)

  • TAPM generated Wind and Temperature data

  • Total Solar Radiation (TSR) and Cloud cover (source from BoM) to determine Stability classes following the approved methods

  • Net Radiation where there is no representative cloud data

  • BoM Synoptic data at the nearest station and Vertical Temperature and Moisture profiles to calculate convective mixing height

  • EPA, Victoria approved method


What type of metfile do you require? Site-Representative, Site-Specific?

What would be the length of your metfile? Is  one year long metfile sufficient ?

Contact us to get the right advice.

Site-specific metfiles are usually demanded for near source modelling with area or volume based sources.

pDs Hybrid metfiles are site specific.