AERMOD MetProcessor

Meteorological data processor for AERMOD-Australasian software equivalent to US AERMET


pDsAUSMET is your local meteorological data processor which was developed based on EPA, Victoria’s guidelines “Construction of input meteorological data files for AERMOD”.

With pDsAUSMET you can input data in several local formats based on the data availability. As outlined in the EPA, VIC’s guidelines you have to provide

(1). Mandatory

(2). Supplementary and

(3). Upper Air

data to construct AERMOD type metfiles.

The software was designed with several data input options. (Data types) It will help you recycle your AUSPLUME metfiles as well. Mandatory data such as ambient temperature, wind direction and speed, Sigmatheta (if available) and convective mixing heights will be reused with AUSPLUME option.

You can input simulated data running TAPM as input with pDsAUSMET. Hybrid options available in pDsAUSMET help you combine site-specific data (simulated for the site location) with site-representative data. We undertake this task for you considering its complexity. Professional touch is required.