Our People








All our professionals have postgraduate qualifications (Diplomas, Masters, PhDs) and have more than 20 years experience in their respective fields.


pDs Consultancy was established in 1999 by an experienced professional scientist.

Now pDs Consultancy consists of a group of scientists, engineers and IT professionals from each corner of the globe.


Well-qualified and experienced Meteorologists, Mathematical Modelers, Oceanographers, Geologists, Statisticians and IT professionals are available through pDs


Our advisory Board/Professional Team


  • Dr. Piya Dewundege PhD(Meteorology), DipMet, BSc(Hon) Physics, Director/Principal

  • Prof Mariyano Estoque

  • Prof Padmasiri de Silva

  • Dr. Paulus Argus Winarso PhD (Meteorology), Senior Meteorologist

  • Prof. Thariq M Khan PhD (Meteorology & Oceanography), Professor, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi

  • Dr. Seneka Basnayeke PhD (Meteorology), BSc(Hon)

  • Dr. Paul Rivera PhD (Envi Science),MSc(Envi Science & Technology) Hymetocean Peers Co, Philippines

  • Guneratne de Silva MPhil, BSc.(Hon), Senoir Scientist

  • Dr. V. Pema Jayantha PhD, MSc. BSc (Hon),Statistician

  • Dr. Chandra Jayasena, Engineering Geologist

  • Binara Ratnayeke, Principal Programmer

  • Shehan Dewundege, Business Manager

  • Venushi Dewundege, Admin Officer

  • Dinusha Guneratne M.Sc,BSc (Hon), IT Architect

  • Dennis Wickremasurendra BSc (Hon), IT Specialist

  • Waruna Sanjeewa Guneratne BSc, IT

                 Dr. Piya Dewundege is the Technical Director of pDs Consultancy group.

Contact :
Phone :0438211957     E-mail : Piya.D@pdsconsultancy.com.au