AERMOD Ready Metfiles

Input meteorological data files for AERMOD (American Met. Soc. and US EPA regulatory model). AERMOD became EPA, Victoria’s regulatory air model from 1 Jan 2014.


AERMOD requires two types of input files: Surface Data File (.SFC file) and Vertical Profile Data File (.PFL file). We use

Site-specific data as on-site data with the following parameters(Mandatory):

  • Wind Direction and Speed

  • Screen level Temperature

  • Sigmatheta (optional)


Nearest representative BoM weather station data as off-site data with the following parameters (Supplementary):

  • Surface Pressure

  • Relative Humidity

  • Cloud Cover

  • Precipitation Rate (optional)

  • Vertical Temperature profiles from representative BoM upper air stations in the region(Upper air)

    • Twice daily Temperature and Moisture profiles

We strictly use the latest US EPA/EPA, Vic recommended algorithms to calculate required micrometeorological parameters and mixing heights (convective (PBL), mechanical (SBL)).

We supply error-free, 100% AERMOD compatible standard files for your modelling works.

With locations where there are no observed data, we source data from prognostic models like TAPM/MM5/WRF.

Note that we do not supply intermediate files that can be inputted into other third party software (non-standard).


AERMOD type meteorological input files from Model Generated data


We obtain mandatory surface and upper air data from model runs of well-recognised mesoscale models such as

  • MM5 (5 th generation mesoscale model by Pen State University & NCAR),

  • WRF (Weather Research Forecasting model (WRF has been a collaborative partnership, principally among the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the National Centre for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL), the Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA), the Naval Research Laboratory, the University of Oklahoma, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)) and

  • TAPM (meteorological module of The Air Pollution Model developed by Australian CSIRO)-Recommended.

We use this generated data and the actual, most representative surface characteristics of your location to run pDsAUSMET to construct AERMOD type surface file (.SFC) and profile file (.PFL) sticking to up to date algorithms recommended by US EPA and EPA, Victoria.

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